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What do Store Managers do?

Whatever the square footage of your store, you’ll be responsible for every single inch of it. So, for everything, from profit, shrinkage and all the bread and butter stuff, to motivating your team, organising rotas, ensuring engagement and hitting targets, you’ll run a tight but happy ship. Spotting talent a mile off, you’ll help to develop it. And in return, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to realise your own potential too.

What do Assistant Store Managers do?

As the Store Manager’s second in command, you’ll run your store in their absence and deliver the very highest standards of customer service. Able to expertly manage a productive service operation, you’ll manage, motivate and multi-skill your team to achieve all customer service targets. As Assistant Store Manager, you’ll ensure your store achieves all its objectives too, by adhering to all company standards, processes and procedures.

What do the Customer Service team do?

As the name suggests, this is all about putting the customer at the heart of every business decision we make. So, whether you’re part of a team or leading it, you’ll give all of our customers the sort of service you’d like to receive. As a result, you’ll achieve business targets and build customer loyalty within the community. At the same time, you’ll help us to achieve our business objectives too, whether you’re a Till Supervisor, Assistant or Support professional.

What do the Stock Operations team do?

This team is all about keeping our stores running smoothly on a day-to-day basis – essentially managing a productive operation, whether you’re part of a team or leading one. So, from ordering stock and making sure it’s always available, to pricing items, displaying products and completing reports, you need to take pride in what you do and be passionate about making sure we can cater for all our customers’ needs. Within Stock operations, you can join us as a Supervisor, Stockfile Controller, Assistant or Support professional.

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