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What's Worksop like?

Our Head Office is in Worksop – the largest town in the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire. Just 19 miles from Sheffield, on the northern edge of Sherwood Forest and on the A57, Worksop has great road links to the A1, M1 and A60 too, as well as great public transport links for the local area, with a handy bus stop on site and regular bus routes running. Clumber Park is pretty close by too – which is a beautiful expanse of parkland, heath and woods that covers more than 3,800 acres and was once the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle. It’s a fantastic place to visit. You can explore stunning gardens, peaceful woodlands and a magnificent lake, or just relax with family and friends.

What's involved in the IT team?

IT at Wilko is all about retail technology. Here, we deliver and continually create solutions that solve business problems and help Wilko gain a competitive advantage.

With over 50 people in our growing IT team, everyone cares passionately about developing innovative solutions to keep us one step ahead. The fact that we were the first major retailer to achieve ‘Chip and PIN PCI Compliance’ shows just how much we’re driven to make things happen. Plus, the team’s a friendly bunch who love what they do. There’s a healthy balance between deep technologists and those who can talk about technology simply. And everyone’s more than happy to share their knowledge widely and add their expertise to the wider Wilko team.

What's involved in the Finance team?

The Financial department looks after the numbers. That’s the short version. And it means reporting our results internally for decision making and externally to regulators. We build the business plans and model scenarios, we look after the business’ data. We support the business by providing insight into the numbers, we pay our suppliers, we look after our cash, we provide internal audit support and advise just about every team – it’s all in a day’s work to us.

We’re an 80 person team of accountants, analysts and auditors and we’re proud of the fact there’s not a grey suit in sight. We’re one big family that supports one another, we all help each other out and, by not taking ourselves too seriously, we manage to make it fun. It’s rewarding because we’re a valued business partner to other departments – our input is always in demand – and anyone who joins us will certainly be more than just a number.

What's involved in the team?

We want to make sure our customers can get their hands on our products whenever they need them. That’s what makes our Multi-channel team so important, as they handle all digital sales, including on and digital in store. Our digital commerce channel has over a million visitors a week and a turnover equivalent to around eight high street stores. It’s impressive stuff, especially when you consider that it’s all handled by a relatively small group of talented digital professionals.

Digital is a growing area of Wilko, making this a great time to come on board and help set the digital direction and pace for the rest of the business. We’re more focused than ever on growing the digital reach of the Wilko brand, raising awareness and helping customers to get their to-dos done. There are big changes afoot in our Multi-channel & team too, as we work hard to help, educate and inspire other teams to bring digital to life in all they do.

We’re light. We’re lean. And we’ve a range of careers, from digital merchandising and fulfilment, to customer experience and ecommerce. So no matter which digital area you join us in, you’ll be part of a close-knit team that’s driven to improve things… fast.

What's involved in the Buying team?

The Buying department does more than fill the shelves. We work with suppliers and teams across the business to balance value for money, sales, company profit and shopping experience. We’re here to make sure Wilko continues to wow the customer throughout the year.

Analysing market data and competitor activity means we can rank our ranges and give the customer what they want, when they want it. That’s where we get our kicks: landing something that people love. There’s a rare culture in the Buying team, too. We’re passionate people who work together to hit and exceed targets, but we’re not very corporate. We make sure success is celebrated, and everyone’s contribution gets recognised. It’s the perfect place for someone driven by targets, someone hardworking, who’s looking to pick up new skills and grow.

What's involved in the Supply Chain team?

Ensuring products arrive safely from source to customer is absolutely vital to Wilko. So, our Supply Chain team are there to satisfy customer needs and, in the process, make a profit. It’s more of a network really, than a chain. And, it involves the seamless supply, manufacture, distribution and sales of goods to our customers. It’s a main artery through which our life flows and we can’t afford for it to ever become blocked – making your work here vital to our business now and in the future.

What's involved in the Strategic & Operational Marketing team?

In Strategic Marketing, we listen hard to our customers to find out what’s important to them. Then share that knowledge across Wilko before ultimately letting our customers know our solutions to their to-dos. We love what we do and are proud to be the voice of our customers across Wilko. Currently there are around twenty of us – but we’re growing. We even work with marketing agencies to get our to-dos done as our job calls for a wide range of skills:

  • Our Insight team use listening and analytic techniques to explore customer priorities.
  • Communications keep our team and customers informed off and online.
  • The Brand team understand how our look and feel connects customers to Wilko.

Careers are made up of periods of learning and periods of achievement. In Strategic Marketing, you’ll enjoy the chance to do both in the short, medium and long term. Bring your passion and personality to work with you and you’ll see the difference you make as you help us to work smarter – and help our customers tick more stuff off their list.

Operational Marketing

As one of the largest teams in Head Office, Operational Marketing is responsible for 30% of our total sales and home to more than 60 people, across five main areas:

  • Trade Planning are the voice of our customer, using customer and financial insight to decide what we should be promoting and when.
  • Promotions work with our Trade Planning team to provide all the great offers, promotions and in-store events our customers flock to us for.
  • Point of Sale produce creative designs that highlight our brilliant promotions in store, working with various marketing teams to make sure every design drives sales.
  • Packaging manage the look and feel of our own-brand packaging, from initial design ideas to delivery. They make sure our products look as good as possible!
  • Photo Studio is, well, our photo studio! This is where all our fantastic products are shot for all sorts of uses and made to look even more attractive.

It takes all sorts of skills. But our goal in Operational Marketing is simple. To promote the right products at the right time at the right price – all in way that’s appealing to our customers. Join us, and you’ll get to work across different teams too, such as Buying, Supply Chain, Finance and other Marketing teams. There’s never a dull day!

What's involved in the HR & Talent team?

Like every good business, our people are at the heart of everything we do. And making sure that everyone feels valued, motivated, trained and developed is really, really important to us – and especially to our HR & Training team.

We truly believe our support and career opportunities are better than most. In fact, you only have to look at our retention rates to see that once people join us, they rarely have a reason to leave. HR & Training also have a big part to play in making sure we all live those shared Wilko values every day – and are recognised and rewarded for it. As a result, people who have what it takes are given every opportunity to shine and achieve their potential.

What's involved in the Property team?

From the location of the staff canteen and the number of checkouts to how many aisles there are on the shop floor and what we stock them with, our Property team get involved in all sorts of stuff. These are the people who bring the bricks and mortar of a Wilko store to life. And it’s their passion for quality and understanding of how we want to present ourselves to our customers that helps us to build trust, recognition and familiarity from one end of the UK to the other.

What's involved in the Central Retail team?

In Central Retail, we’re the Head Office custodians for Retail. That means get involved in all sorts of things to make sure that every one of our 25,000+ products reaches our customers smoothly, on time and to the highest quality. Our customers deserve the very best. Which is why our focus is on getting things right first time. Every time.

We see everything that happens in retail – from what’s coming up in future, to product layouts. It makes for a really interesting challenge. In fact, it makes for lots of interesting challenges as we help to manage things like promotion changes, planning work for the relevant teams and how products are showcased in store. We even work with Retail Managers out in the field to make sure they’ve all the information they need. Put simply, it’s all about controlling what happens right across our retail network.

Join us in a Retail Implementation Management role in Central Retail and you’ll get to develop great planning skills, learn about critical paths and gain a full end-to-end view of Wilko – from sourcing products to landing them in stores. Essentially, the important part that brilliant retail implementation plays in driving sales and customer satisfaction.


What's involved in the Health & Safety team?

In Health & Safety, we do our very best to get everyone home safely – team members, customers and visitors. It’s a crucial role, and one that means you leave work each day knowing you’ve made a difference. As Health & Safety professionals, we provide expert support and advice to people across Wilko and think of ourselves as part of their team. We’re genuinely proud of what we do and impact on everyone here by making sure we all have a safe environment to work in.

We’re also a friendly bunch who like to have fun in all sorts of support and advisory roles. There’s plenty of diversity too, as we cover our national retail network, Head Office and both Distribution Centres. In fact, Health & Safety are one of the few teams in Wilko who work across the entire business. As it’s a family-owned company, we take health and safety even more seriously. Health and safety is top of the list of priorities for Wilko, making our work absolutely vital and discussed at every level of the business.

Here in Health & Safety, we do a lot of benchmarking with other retailers to make sure we’re delivering best practice and we’re always happy to share our ideas to ensure the safety of others outside of our business too. In fact, as soon as you join us, you’ll see just how passionate we are about our subject. We also all love the variety, as we handle a diverse range of issues every day and get to work with and learn from teams right across Wilko.

What's involved in the Retail Support Desk team

This busy department get about 5,000 phone calls and 4,500 emails a week from our stores, Head Office and Distribution Centres. There’s a team that logs calls, a team who find solutions to calls, a team that looks after Head Office and a team that analyses call data and finds ways to make improvements. They keep lines of communication open across all areas – and across the globe!

What's involved in the Customer Service team

The Customer Service Team answer all calls and communications from the public. As the external voice of Wilko, they’re always helpful, knowledgeable and happy to sort stuff out. So if you ever call to find out if Wilko are open on bank holidays (we usually are!) it will be one of this lovely, customer-focused team you’ll speak to.

What's involved in the Legal & Risk team

We provide legal support, training and advice for all areas of the business. It’s all about keeping our eye on the bigger picture as well as the finer details to keep Wilko covered and compliant from every angle. We also pull together to support all sorts of legal issues, such as supplier contracts and disputes, trading law and health and safety legislation.

The types of roles within our Legal team include a Legal Services Manager, Company Secretary, Trading Law Advisors, Commercial Law Advisor and Claim Handlers. But we all work as one tight team to solve complex legal problems, provide legal advice, deliver training and make sure we land legislation updates right first time for our customers. Passionate about helping Wilko to get their legal to-dos done, we really are focused on the future of legal compliance.

What's involved in the Procurement team?

Without our Procurement team, we simply wouldn’t have the brilliantly essential products our customers flock to us for! In Procurement, we buy all the goods and services that Wilko needs to grow our business sustainably and profitably. It’s hard work, but we can honestly say that not a day goes by when we don’t laugh!

Head of Procurement, Procurement Manager and Buyers all work together to create and shape procurement strategies that ensure we’re sourcing the right items at the right price – all to the highest standards of quality. No mean feat. But it’s a challenge we all love getting stuck into as we influence various stakeholders and suppliers along the way to do things differently.

In Procurement, we really do make a difference to the bottom line. It’s a satisfying feeling and place where you can come to grow, learn and impact on a big high street retailer – all with the support of an experienced team behind you.


What's involved in the Project Management Office team?

At Wilko, we’re always looking for new, and better ways of doing things for our customers and our people. There are a lot of plates spinning at any one time – plates that change all the time and have the potential to impact on the wider Wilko business. It’s exciting. And a great place to learn fast and develop your skills. Within our Project Management Office, you’ll help us to create and deliver the governance that surrounds the interesting projects and programmes that will bring our business strategy to life.

Our Project Management Office is also a growing and high profile team, right at the heart of delivering our strategic business plan. From our Head of PMO, to Programme Managers, Project Managers and Programme Office support professionals, we really are about end-to-end transformation.

If you share our drive, enthusiasm and thirst for learning and development, join our Project Management Office. You really will gain lots more skills than you arrived with and make a difference to the future of a leading high street retailer.

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