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What's Worksop like?

The largest town in the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire, Worksop is only 19 miles from Sheffield and on the northern edge of Sherwood Forest. As it’s on the A57, Worksop has great road links to the A1, M1 and A60 too, as well as great public transport links for the local area, with a handy bus stop on site and regular bus routes running. Clumber Park is pretty close by too – which is a beautiful expanse of parkland, heath and woods that covers more than 3,800 acres and was once the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle. It’s a fantastic place to visit. You can explore stunning gardens, peaceful woodlands and a magnificent lake, or just relax with family and friends.

What's Magor like?

A large village in Monmouthshire, south east Wales, Magor is a short commute away from the bustling cities of Bristol and Cardiff. It’s a friendly village, surrounded by stunning countryside, and is home to a fair few traditional pubs, shops and restaurants.

What do the Goods Inwards team do?

This is where stock is received from external suppliers. Once all the stock has been checked, it’s moved into our warehouse where it will stay until it’s ready to be driven onto a picking module.

What do the Picking team do?

Overall, the Picking team are the people who get every single product ready for delivery from Distribution Centre to store. On a typical shift there can be as many as 400 people working – each with their own specific job. There’s a mix of manual and light work, and options to pick individual items or cases. For all picking roles, you’ll need to be quite mobile, able to bend and have good hearing as you’ll be instructed what to pick through a headset. There’s also the Services Team, split into three different parts. The first is mainly responsible for working the lift and bringing stock down into the main area. Then the second team take over and condense all the stock down to reduce the amount of cages loaded onto our lorries. The third team then drive the very light vehicles or ‘lollops’ around the centre to take the stock to the dispatch area.

What do the Goods Outwards & Dispatch team do?

This is where stock arrives from the Picking department. It then gets loaded onto lorries, leaves the warehouse and gets shipped out to our various stores across the UK. A variety of different Warehouse Operatives all play a very specific and important role in this process.

What do Supervisors do in the Distribution Centres?

Your challenge is to control budgets and make sure your department is doing as well as it possibly can. From filling in annual reviews to completing reports and paperwork, you’ll deal with the more managerial side of things. As a Supervisor, you’ll performance manage the team and make sure that everyone is motivated, working well and that their skills are up to scratch.

What do Assistant Supervisors do in the Distribution Centres?

As an Assistant Supervisor, you’ll oversee the Senior Operatives and pick up on any issues they might need support with. Dealing with day-to-day paperwork and wages, you’ll also get involved with team member reviews, disciplinaries and any ‘back to work’ type chats.

What do Senior Operatives do in the Distribution Centres?

As a Senior Operative, you’ll manage the daily running of the department and make sure that everything gets done to a high quality, on time and on budget. Making sure Health and Safety guidelines are followed, you’ll manage and motivate people and allocate resources to various teams.

What do Warehouse Operatives do in the Distribution Centres?

This is a generic term that covers everyone who works in the Distribution Centres in whatever capacity – whether you’re a Picker, a Packer or a Checker. For all Warehouse roles, you simply need to work well in a team and be literate, as you’ll receive full on-the-job training and constant support and development.

What do Drivers do in the Distribution Centres?

As a Driver, you’ll receive full training on one or two of our trucks – either Bison, Condor, Reach, Counterbalance Lollops or T20s. We have a dedicated truck training area and on-site instructors available on both day and night shifts. Even if you have some fork-lift experience, we’ll re-train you in RTITB.

What do Trainers do in the Distribution Centres?

Our Trainers make sure that everyone who works here is up-to-date with current Health and Safety and any new methods of working. You’ll also enjoy sharing knowledge with others through awareness briefing sessions and follow these up with accuracy checks and reviews.

What do Stock Control do in the Distribution Centres?

When goods arrive here, they’re scanned in, checked and allocated a bay location by Stock Control, where they’ll sit until they need to be picked. If the stock isn’t in the correct bay, it’s Stock Control’s responsibility to chase it, find it and put it in the right place to be picked. For this reason, the majority of the Stock Control team are warehouse based and overseen by a few others who are based in the office. Each Picking department has its own Stock Control team. To join, you ideally need to be good with numbers and computers and pretty active.

What do the Quality Assurance team do in the Distribution Centres?

Our Quality Assurance team are essential to ensuring that our products reach the shelves in perfect condition. They do this by carefully analysing, testing and checking the quality of stock and its packaging. For example, if a box is constantly falling to pieces during the picking process, it’ll be deemed unfit for purpose. Our Quality Assurance Department will get in touch with the buyer, who’ll address and resolve the issue with their suppliers.

What do the Planning team do in the Distribution Centres?

Planning are responsible for allocating workloads, performing workload forecasts and helping to co-ordinate new store openings. One of the most important parts of their job is to organise the order that new stores are opened. This involves thinking about all the logistics of what’s going where and when, such as working out truck routes and sorting out the delivery strategy. The Planning team then try to make sure that the picks are staggered, so that all stock is sent out evenly. To work in Planning, you need to have decent IT, spreadsheet and writing skills, and be good with numbers.

What do the Recycling team do in the Distribution Centres?

If something can be recycled, we’ll find a way to recycle it! In our Recycling team, you’ll be trained how to use the cardboard compactor, the can crusher and the wood skips and help us to recycle everything generated inside the Distribution Centre and everything that gets returned to it.

What do Learning & Development Officers do in the Distribution Centres?

Focusing on soft skills and behaviours, you’ll identify skills gaps within Distribution Centre teams and ways of closing them through delivering behavioural training programmes – as well as help managers to develop the skills of their people. As a Learning & Development Officer, you’ll also carry out corporate training projects and e-learning programmes across various teams and help to support and enable our people plans. As it’s different every day here, you’ll enjoy real variety and huge satisfaction from helping people to develop their skills.

What do HR Officers do in the Distribution Centres?

As an HR Officer, you’ll support our Distribution Centre teams with all their personal and professional development initiatives. From advising on absence management and any grievance or disciplinary issues, to maintaining consistent policies and internal engagement, it’s a really varied role. And by putting the best interests of our people at the heart of every decision you make, you’ll ensure we have a motivated, happy and extremely productive work force for the future too.

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