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What we do

If you’re asking yourself, ‘who are Kin?’ don’t worry. You might not have heard of us, but you will have heard about some of our creations. Because we’re the team of inventors behind wilko’s best-loved products. And as innovators, we’re always looking for the next big must-have item, that our customers don’t yet realise they need in their lives!

We’re pretty good at designing things too. We’ve won a few Red Dot awards for our Tool Handle and Grid Airer, along with an honourable mention for our Drainpipe Pot Holder. Our purpose is to build related products – families, systems or solutions of products, that meet the needs of hard-working families. We design items that live up to our mission statement. Things that are useful, value for money and solve important everyday problems.

As a house of brands, Kin is home to several product brands that have unique product solutions and a distinctive aesthetic.  These products are sold internally and externally to wilko alongside a growing portfolio of stockists.

Now that’s interesting

How did we come up with the name Kin? From our well-known company name ‘Wil-kin-son’. ‘Kin’ means being related to or part of a family. As we’re already called wilko it feels right to use Kin for another sibling in our family of companies.

Why you should join us

We are a place of growth and innovation. Born in 2020 our aim is to grow our house of brands and with that, the talented team that make our vision come to life. We have Product Designers and Engineers, Brand Managers, Buyers and Sales Development all working to build Kin.

A company in our own right, working for Kin feels very much like working for a start-up. But not just any start up. One with the backing, support and guidance of a well-known and established business. A business that truly believes in Kin’s potential. Join our team and you’ll be able to say you truly made a difference and played your part in our history.

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