We design, implement and run high-quality tech

What we do

A diverse department, we touch all areas of wilko. Our project delivery and software development team focus on managing change and works with the strategy and architecture team to make technical solutions the very best they can be. Our service delivery section manages continuity, service levels, problems, suppliers, contracts, relationships and the customer service desk. Our applications and hosting team look after things like system monitoring, project delivery, cybersecurity and network management. While, our architecture team, focuses on strategic and network planning, business analysis and modelling, systems design, user research and much, much more.

The difference we make

We exist to support all of wilko’s business objectives. We design, implement, maintain and improve key IT systems, enabling everyone to do their job to the best of their abilities and keep our business running smoothly. We’re experts at delivering the technology that drives the wilko business forward. We’re also the people with the best Microsoft Teams backgrounds of any department!

Now that’s interesting

We’ve nearly 100 people in our team, ranging from technicians and engineers to analysts and architects, and we’re still growing. And, with 3,178 tills across 416 stores, 2,000 handheld units, and 2,500 access points, it’s no wonder we handle over 1,500 calls a week.

A place to grow

Our culture and engagement team focuses on ways we can improve work, life and wellness through initiatives like our new “Agile Working” charter, as well as making sure we keep things fun with events such as our ‘cake & quiz hour’.

Why you should join us

Everyone in IT is proud to work for wilko. People should join us because they want to join a reputable brand with strong ethics and genuine team members. The way we do business, source products and our care for our customers and their hard-working families, makes you feel good.

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