Contact Centre


We are the voice of wilko

What we do

We make sure that both customer and store queries are resolved on first contact, whether that’s over the phone, via email or across a variety of social media platforms. From customer care, retail support and social media to our escalations team, employee relations team and B2B query team, we aim to get things right first time and we have great conversations with wilko customers and team members about everything from a lift breaking down to a order not being quite right. There’s always someone who needs our help and it’s a great feeling to know we’ve made a positive difference.

The difference we make

We deliver excellent levels of service to our hard-working customers and team members. Acting with compassion and transparency, we always aim for better and strive to match the right solutions to the right situations. Possessing the empathy necessary to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes we work to maintain wilko’s high-quality reputation for customer care.

Now that’s interesting

We currently deal with 12,000 queries per week and are open and available to both our internal and external customers seven days a week. Over a million people follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we respond to 4,000+ posts on these two platforms each week, as well as sending over 7,000 emails. Each year we also help over 286,000 customers who want to speak to a store directly.

A place to grow

Career progression is here for the taking and if you possess drive and motivation, there’s no limit to how far you could go. Ongoing training and support is provided with coaching, ‘be better every day’ conversations and your own development plan. You’ll also be supported by your team leader, the customer experience manager and contact centre operations manager. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in apprenticeships and gain relevant qualifications to support your career progression. So, if you’re keen to work hard, you’ll find everything you need to grow here.

Why you should join us

We’re a supportive company, who go above and beyond to help you be better every day, both in and out of work. With us, you’re expected to work hard, deliver results and enjoy yourself. To build on your skills and knowledge and autonomously shape your future and drive improvements to ours.


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