We grow our own

We want you to be better every day. To grow, develop and create a successful future here with us. That’s why our apprenticeships offer all the training and experience you’ll need to build the skills to succeed both personally and professionally.

If you’re on a permanent contract of 16 hours or more, in our retail stores, logistic centres or our support centre, then you can apply for a wilko apprenticeship. It’s an industry-recognised, role-relevant training programme and one of the best ways to take your career to the next level.

Being the best you can be and being better every day are things we really value at wilko. Having home grown diverse talent and plenty of opportunities for career development across our family of businesses are big parts of this.

The wilko apprenticeship scheme not only makes this happen it also provides us with the opportunity to celebrate and recognise future talent. People are amazing and can do amazing things when they put their minds to it and others reach out to help them achieve their goals.

Lisa Wilkinson, Family Director

Benefits of a wilko apprenticeship:

  • You’ll develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours.
  • You can earn as you learn with fully funded apprenticeship training (not an ‘apprentice’ wage).
  • You’ll achieve an award-winning nationally recognised qualification
  • You’ll experience something completely different to school and college days by using a variety of learning materials to support your development.
  • You can make the most of every opportunity to progress by showing how committed you are to develop.

Is it for you?

We’ll support you at every step, but you’ll need to be as dedicated to your development as we are. We look for plenty of motivation to learn and develop. We’re also impressed by ambition and the drive to find ways to put your new skills, knowledge and behaviours into practice.

Search and apply

But is this true about apprenticeships? Let’s bust some myths!

    The term ‘NVQ’ has not been used for years. Qualifications are now known as Apprenticeship Standards. For example, within retail and management, a full apprenticeship consists of the following elements:

    • Standard
    • Functional skills Maths
    • Functional skills English
    • End-point assessment

    Lots of people think this. But there’s no age limit. Apprenticeships are available for all ages, from 16 upwards and we welcome everyone.

    Wrong. Even if you have a higher-level qualification, you can still do an apprenticeship. You just need to be gaining new skills. For example, if you have a degree in history or music, you can still apply for one of our programmes.

    Whether you’re a newly recruited apprentice or an existing team member enrolling onto an apprenticeship, the same employment regulations apply and an equally important team member of wilko

    Not true. In fact, we pay above the apprenticeship rate because a wilko apprentice is as valued by us as any other team member.

    Apprenticeships are well established work-based learning programmes that are viewed as equal to traditional educational routes. They are very much valued by employers and offer an alternative learning path.