People at Wilko not only get stuff done from one end of the UK to the other – we also have talented teams making a big difference across the globe in Hong Kong and India. Here, team Wilko make sure our products are sourced to the highest quality and in line with internationally recognised codes of practice for labour.

There are lots of opportunities for our UK team to visit Wilko Asia and India and vice versa. It means we’re all on the same page in everything we do – no matter where we are.

We've built even stronger supplier relationships.

In 2009, we took the plunge and Wilko Asia was born – and it’s been fantastic! Located in a bright, fun and funky office in Hong Kong, our 50-strong team has plenty of room to develop. We’re close to our major manufacturing premises too, which helps us to build even stronger supplier relationships and keep on delivering better quality products at great prices.

We're experts in sourcing, QA and supply chain.

Our Indian office is based in Delhi, with a team of seven people… so far! From here, we handle all sorts of stuff involved with getting the right products on our UK shelves – all at the right price, of course. We’ve experts in sourcing, quality assurance and supply chain, all working to get the best possible value for our customers.

  • Peter Truman

    "We deliver and continually create solutions"

    Peter Truman

    Head of IT

  • Stewart Halpin

    "Great place to work and great people"

    Stewart Halpin

    Distribution Centre Manager

  • Cath Fox

    "Helping staff reach their potential is so rewarding"

    Cath Fox

    HR & Talent Director

  • Frankie Adams

    "We do more than just fill the shelves."

    Frankie Adams

    Trading Director

  • Ben Bridger

    "Wilko place people at the heart of what they do"

    Ben Bridger

    Finance Manager

  • Anthony Houghton

    "My job is to create an environment that helps our people to be the best they can be"

    Anthony Houghton

    Retail Director

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